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UPDATED 12.01.2021

This page (together with the documents referred to on it) tells you the terms and conditions on which we will supply to you the products (Products) listed on our website (our site) via one of our subscription services (Services). Please read these terms and conditions carefully before ordering any Products from our site or subscribing to one of our Services. You should understand that by ordering any of our Products or subscribing to one of our Services, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. 

You should print a copy of these terms and conditions for future reference. 

Your access to and use of ("the Website") is subject exclusively to these Terms and Conditions. You will not use the Website for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these Terms and Conditions. By using the Website, you are fully accepting the terms, conditions and disclaimers listed below. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions you must immediately stop using the Website.


We operate the website
We are PREP KIT LTD, a company registered in the UK;
Registration Number 12077157


Our site is only intended for use by people residing in the UK mainland. We do not accept orders from individuals outside those areas.


By placing an order through our site, you warrant that:
you are legally capable of entering into binding contracts; and 
you are at least 18 years old; 
you are resident in one of the Serviced Areas; and 
you are accessing our site from the UK Mainland.



Placing your Order: Once you have selected the Products you wish to order from the meal prep menu and provided the other required information, you will be given the opportunity to submit your Order by clicking or selecting the "proceed", "place my order" or similar button. It is important that you check all the information that you enter and correct any errors before clicking or selecting this button; once you do so you will be entering into a contract with Prep Kit and errors cannot be corrected. (subject to paragraph 4.2. below).


Amending or cancelling your Order: Once you have submitted your Order and your payment has been authorised, you will not be entitled to change or cancel your Order, nor will you be entitled to a refund (please refer to paragraphs 4.4 and 6.6 for details of the process relating to rejected Orders and refunding of payment). If you wish to change or cancel your Order, you may contact our in-store team as described in paragraph 7.4 and we will attempt to communicate your requests. However, there is no guarantee that we will be able to agree to your requests as we may have already started processing your Order.


Payment authorisation: Where any payment you make is not authorised, your Order will not be processed or communicated to our kitchen for preparation.


Processing your Order: On receipt of your Order, we will notify you by email that your Order has been received and is being processed.


A minimum order value of £25.00 may be applicable in some cases. A handling fee of £10.00 may also be placed on all orders under £25.00.

4.6 Cancelling your Subscription: Subscription payments are charged in advance of our services. You can cancel anytime via your member area, through Paypal, or upon request by email or via Whatsapp. Please allow 48 hours notice period before your next delivery to ensure cancellation without charge. All subscriptions cancelled without notice / prior to dispatch of first order will be subject to a £10 processing fee.



Knowing exactly what is in our food is incredibly important to us which is why all of our food is freshly prepared throughout the day using predominantly whole foods and natural ingredients by our chefs in-house.

Gluten Free: the vast majority of our meals are prepared using single-ingredient foods, which would ordinarily be considered as containing no / low gluten, However, given the nature of gluten specifically, it is important to state that we have not laboratory tested our meals for gluten content, to ensure industry audit requirements for 'gluten free' classification are met. Therefore, we cannot make any such claims or promote our meals in good conscience to people with gluten-related disorders such as coeliac disease or formally diagnosed wheat allergies.

We store and prepare an ever-changing variety of  ingredients in our kitchen and, although we make every effort to minimise the risk of cross-contamination, we cannot legally guarantee that any of our individual dishes are completely free from any of the 14 allergens listed by the Food Standards Agency. More information about our individual meals, including nutritional information, dietary and allergy advice can be found listed under the dish's description on our website


If you have any specific concerns regarding any of our individual meals, you can contact us directly online via email where a member of our team will be happy to help and advise you before placing your order.



With a personal prep kit plan we can accomodate the majority of requests regarding the elimination of specific ingredients from your meals as per 5.1 and 6.1 as we prepare them specifically for you. More information about our personal prep kit plans can be found via the link below



It is incredibly important to us that your meals are not only nutritious but also consistently delicious. We use a wide range of fresh ingredients in our kitchens and can accomodate the majority of requests regarding the elimination of specific ingredients from your meals. However, these requests can intrinically impact the range of meals we are able to prepare for you. To ensure variety in your meals each week, we encourage you to feedback to us regularly and in good time as per 4.2.  



General: Customer care is extremely important to us. Subject to paragraph 7.5 our in-store team will therefore try to assist you where possible if you have any problems with your Order. You can contact our team at Prep Kit by clicking or selecting the "contact us", "call us" or similar buttons or by calling the telephone number shown on the Website.


Questions about your Order: If your Order is taking longer than expected or you have any other problems with your Order, you can contact our Team as described above and one of our Advisers will attempt to follow up on your query. Please note that our team can only reply via Social Media during opening hours. To ensure your query is dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible, contact our email,uk


Changing or cancelling your Order: If you wish to change or cancel your order after is has been submitted and payment has been authorised, you may contact our in-store team as described above and they will attempt to facilitate your requests. However, there is no guarantee that we will be able to agree to your requests as we may have already started processing your Order. A 48 hour notice period for all changes or cancellation to your order is required. 


Late or Missed Collections of your Order: If you wish to change or rearrange your collection date for your Order, after it has been submitted and payment has been authorised, you may contact our team in-store as described above and we will attempt to facilitate your requests. However, once your Order has been prepared and ready for collection, we will only keep your Order for a maximum of 24 hours. During this time, if your Order is not collected or an alternative collection date has not been confirmed, your Order may be discarded and will not be eligible for replacement or refund.


Medical Conditions: It is your responsibility to provide us with information regarding any adverse or relating medical conditions before placing your Order. We do not take any responsibility for any dietary health related issues or subsequent medical concerns which we have not been fully made aware of before preparing your Order.


Surplus meals: Any meals which have become left over due to not being consumed as per your order requirements will not be refunded. Surplus meals do not hold any monetary value and cannot be used to facilitate or negotiate a reduction in the price of subsequent meal prep orders.


Freezing Meals; All of our meals are prepared fresh to order, chilled and vacuum sealed on the same day.This extends the freshness of our meals by preserving them for up to 10 days (when kept chilled). This also prevents the need for freezing as the meals will comfortably last all week as per your plan or purchase. We recommend using a cool-bag for carrying / storing meals on-the-go, rather than freezing meals for later consumption. If you do freeze your meals, we strongly recommend defrosting each meal thoroughly, in the refridgerator, and reheating as per the instructions on the sleeve. We do not accept any responsibility for diminished quality or flavour due to freezing meals.


Complaints or feedback: In the event that you are dissatisfied with the quality of any Products or the services provided by Prep Kit LTD or their affiliates, please consider providing feedback in the form of an email to where a member of our team will reply and assist where possible.


Compensation: If you are dissatisfied with the quality of any Products or the service provided by Prep Kit LTD or their affiliates, and wish to seek a refund, a proportionate price reduction or any other compensation, you should contact Prep Kit LTD directly to lodge your complaint and, where appropriate, follow our complaint procedure outlined above. Please note that the legal contract for the supply and purchase of Products is between you and Prep Kit LTD.


Your meal prep order will be delivered via DPD next day service UK wide and fulfilled by the next working date set out in the Order Confirmation or, if no collection date is specified, then within 24 hours of the date of the Order Confirmation, unless there are exceptional circumstances.


We provide our nutrition plan customers with free premium Monday delivery UK wide. All orders placed before 10am on Monday to Thursday will be delivered as standard via DPD next working day the following Tuesday to Friday . All orders placed before 10am on Fridays will be delivered via as premium DPD next working day the following Monday.

Delivery windows stated by Prep Kit are an indication, and not a guarantee of delivery via DPD within cetain hours. We reserve the right to dispatch your Order at any point on the day of delivery set out in the Order confirmation.

Delivery must be made on the specified date provided in the delivery confirmation provided by DPD. We ask for a safe place or alternative delivery instructions to leave the parcel if there is no one available at the address provided.
We make every effort to deliver your box as instructed. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure our courier driver can gain access to the premises or the designated safe place to make a successful delivery.

If nobody is available at the delivery address and no delivery instructions/safe place details have been provided, your delivery will be returned to the delivery depot and be destroyed. No re-delivery can be made once the specific slot has been missed.

Please ensure that the delivery instructions on your account are up to date and are accurate.

You can track your order via DPD using the reference / tracking number associated with your meal prep order via


Our goal is to deliver on-time i.e. delivering at the time we quote. Unfortunately, factors, such as, weather and traffic conditions occasionally prevent us from achieving this. We cannot accept liability for late delivery arising from conditions beyond our control.

If your delivery details change, you must update the courier as soon as possible. Once delivered to the specified place of delivery, risk in the Products will have passed to you.

If on delivery you find that any products are damaged or are in an unacceptable condition then you must inform us as soon as possible and give us the opportunity to inspect the Product. If, at our discretion, we find that the Product delivered is not up to standard, we will refund the cost of such unsatisfactory Product to you. We will not be responsible for any Product which is damaged or faulty through your failure to store correctly.


Once the collection is completed, the risk of any damage or loss of the Products will be with the customer. Prep Kit LTD shall not be held liable for any damage, defect or loss which may occur thereafter. 

You are fully responsible for any damages or losses due to any ambiguity regarding the safe storage and consumption of your meal prep order.


All Products prepared and provided by us are only to be consumed by the customer named on the Order Confirmation. Products are not to consumed by third parties or resold.


The price of the Products and our delivery charges will be charged as quoted on our site in advance of our services, except in cases of obvious error. 
Product prices include VAT. 
Product prices and applicable charges are liable to change at any time, but changes will not affect orders in respect of which we have already sent you a Order Confirmation. 
Payment for all Products and Services ordered online must be made by credit or debit card or electronic bank transfer. We accept payment with Visa and Mastercard. For bank transfers, we can send details on request made to


Subject to clause 11.2, if we fail to comply with these terms and conditions we shall only be liable to you for the purchase price of the Products. 
Nothing in this agreement excludes or limits our liability for: 
Death or personal injury caused by our negligence; 
Fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; 
Any breach of the obligations implied by section 12 of the Sale of Goods Act 1979; 
Defective products under the Consumer Protection Act 1987; or 
Any other matter for which it would be illegal for us to exclude or attempt to exclude our liability.


Applicable laws require that some of the information or communications we send to you should be in writing. When using our site, you accept that communication with us will be mainly electronic.


We will contact you by email or provide you with information by posting notices on our website. For contractual purposes, you agree to this electronic means of communication and you acknowledge that all contracts, notices, information and other communications that we provide to you electronically comply with any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.


This condition does not affect your statutory rights.

You can contact us by email and via our social media accounts as per 13. Premium plan customers can contact their nutrition coach via Whatsapp


All messages sent to Prep Kit via our social media accounts, linked below, are dealt with on an individual basis and do not constitute as confirmation of any order unless they have been followed up with email confirmation and payment authorisation.






Using promo codes can only be used online at subject to these general terms and conditions, and any other specific conditions notified to you on the issue of a promo code. No promo code is redeemable through any website owned or operated by Prep Kit LTD other than

A promo code is redeemed by entering its code at the appropriate point in the online purchase process. Redemption may be subject to you providing proof of entitlement to use the promo code.

Your use of a promo indicates your agreement to be bound by these promo code Terms and Conditions.

Unless expressly stated otherwise at the time of issue of the promo code


1. Each issued promo code will be valid for use by a recipient only once,

2. Only one promo code will be valid for use per customer order,

3. A promo code may not be used in conjunction with any other special offer or promo code

4. Allocated discount codes may only be used by the named individual for the duration of a valid promotion period.

5. Promo codes aplied to recurring payments and fixed term subscriptions will be removed after the promotion period has expired and the standard rate price will be reinstated and chargable unless the promotion is extended or cancelled.

Prep Kit and Prep Kit LTD reserve the right to remove any promo code at any time without notice at their discretion.

Where the redemption of a promo code is subject to a minimum spending requirement, the redemption is only permitted in respect of the purchase of qualifying products which will be communicated to you at the time of issue of the promo code


1. Website users who submit their details through the nutrition questionnaire hereby request and consent to Prep Kit LTD providing information and guidance about my diet, nutrition, and lifestyle.

2. Prep Kit LTD does not dispense medical advice, or diagnose or treat any medical condition.

3. Methods of nutritional evaluation or testing made available are not intended to diagnose disease. Rather, these assessments are intended as a guide to enhancing nutritional health and supporting the achievement of nutrition-based goals.

4. Prep Kit LTD will provide nutritional support and nutrition education that relates to athletic performance and, or, for general healthy eating.

5. Prep Kit LTD may also provide nutritional counselling for pre-existing and diagnosed nutritionally related condition.

6. By submitting your details to Prep Kit LTD, you accept that it will be necessary for Prep Kit LTD to collect personal, health and lifestyle information, e.g. home telephone, address, way of eating, etc.

7. Only information relevant to the provision of Prep Kit services for personal nutritional management will be collected and that this information will only be retained from the start of service up the last date of service when it will be perminently deleted.

More information is provided in out Privacy Policy