Thai Chicken Recipe Box

This Prep Kit recipe box features ALL the ingredients you need to create 6 x hearty portions of succulent Thai Chicken Stri-fry at home; with wholewheat noodles,  authentic Asian inspired stri fry sauce,  succulent Thai seasoned chicken, pre-portioned stir-fry ready vegetables.


All the fresh ingredients are pre-measured for you to cook easily at home, with 40g of lean protein and 500 Calories per serving, for optimum nutrition and zero food waste Plus Free contactless delivery where ever you are in the UK.


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Thai Chicken Recipe Box

  • What's in your Prep Kit?

    All the fresh ingredients you need pre-portioned and prepared with 40g of lean protein and 500 calories per serving

    • Fresh premium chicken - pre-portioned to hit 40g of protein per serving
    • Wholewheat Noodles and Wok-ready vegetables - for balanced carbohydrates
    • Soy stir fri sauce - for authentic flavour
    • Thai Spiced Seasoning - Our low calorie signature seasoning for enhanced flavour
    • Step-by-step Prep Kit recipe card

    *Recipe Tip: Add a soft boiled egg just before serving provides the perfect finishing touch.

    Prep Kit deliver delicious, step-by-step meal prep recipe kits, with all the pre-measured fresh ingredients you need PLUS Free UK wide delivery to your door each week.

    Each Prep Kit creates 6 meals =  *£5.82 per serving.

    *Subscribe and save 33% with a weekly Prep Kit delivery = £3.90 per serving

  • Subscribe and Save

    Each Prep Kit creates 6 meals = *£5.82 per serving.

    *Subscribe and save 33% with a weekly Prep Kit delivery = £3.90 per serving

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