When it comes to sealing food, vacuum sealed foods using a vacuum packing machine will always last longer than other storage methods, aside from food which is canned. Despite plastic wrap, foil, zip-lock bags, and air tight containers protecting food to a certain extent, they can’t preserve foods as well as vacuum sealing does.

Food ripens as a result of oxygen exposure; fruits, vegetables, and meats will begin to diminish after a certain amount of time because they have been exposed to the air. Often mould and bacteria will develop, leaving the food undesirable because of the change in odour, colour, and texture of it. Sometimes bacteria can develop without air, but mould does not develop without a healthy supply of oxygen.



When food is vacuumed sealed you are removing the air from the bag, removing the ability for mould, and some bacteria to live or grow. Over time, the food you store might diminish if it is not refrigerated or frozen. If food is sealed when it is very fresh, it will last longer than if another storage method had been used.


Other methods of storage allow oxygen to creep in through tiny openings. Loosely wrapping food and putting it in the refrigerator can only save food for so long. Even if you use an air tight container, the oxygen that is left inside of the container may be enough to allow mould and other bacteria to thrive and spoil food.

Another advantage of sealing food is that it allows for the food to be prepared and dispatched to your door in one single delivery, instead of multiple deliveries throughout the week.

Compostable, Biodegradable and

Ocean-Friendly Vacuum Pouches


After 18 months of extensive trials with our vacuum pouch supplier, we have developed Eco Pouch – a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic-based vacuum packaging.

We experimented with a vast number of raw materials and substrates before the formula for Eco Pouch was found. The final product is a balance between a pouch that has the qualities required of a vacuum pouch (burst pressure, clarity, strength and durability), and a pouch that is friendlier to our environment.

All of our prep kit meals and products are exlusively vacuum sealed with Eco Pouch.

Chilled Packaging


We use ThermaPack insulation in our box liners which is manufactured from true aluminium foil & incorporates thermo bubble technology to create a high performance temperature control radiant barrier whilst taking up minimal space.

They are ideal for transportation of food, drinks, pharmaceuticals and other temperature sensitive products. 

Next Day Delivery


Next day delivery is often called expedited delivery. This is when a parcel is prioritised over others, improving delivery speed. The word expedite means to act quickly and to ensure fast delivery.

Prep Kit give you a next day delivery service that’s affordable and reliable. Select the delivery date that suits at the checkout page and we'll send you a confirmation email with tracking details to monitor the progress of your order, from dispatch to delivery straight to your door.

You'll recieve a text and email notification on the day with info about your delivery. If you are not going to be at home for a delivery, you can divert your parcel to a local DPD Pickup Point and collect it at your convenience or instruct the driver to leave it in a safe place.