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Get in touch with our dedicated nutrition coach about your specific needs and mindset to succeed with your diet and training.

Nutrition coaching isn't just about calories and macros, it's about giving people an entirely new lease on life - about helping them achieve their true potential

Something that our nutrition experts at Prep Kit do on a daily basis!

Chat with our Nutrition Coach who is on hand to offer you guidelines for how much you should consume to get optimum results from your nutrition.

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How does online nutrition coaching work?

Your online nutrition and personal training program is a comprehensive health and fitness coaching service based on all aspects of evidence-based nutrition, including calorie intake, sleep, exercise, mindset and motivation. Your program is designed on the information your provide about your exercise history, current fitness levels, eating habits and preferences, and lifestyle factors.

There is a simple assessment to complete first and also an easy fitness test to take when you've signed up which allows us to make sure that your workouts are set at the right level of intensity and your nutrition is optimised to your goals.


I am training for a Triathalon, can online nutrition coaching help me?

As with any endurance based sport, the nutritional focus of a triathlete needs to be on maintaining caloric balance in the face of an often hugely varied daily requirement. After this is taken into account, the focus should be on specifically timed workout nutrition and also on supporting the immune system – ask any triathlete and they will tell you that illness is just as common, and just as problematic, as training related injuries.

The other thing to consider is that the kind of training a triathlete is undertaking requires fuel, and a lot of it. This means that it is important for a triathlete to not be afraid of eating a large amount of food around his or her longer training sessions – something which is often forgotten in the pursuit of low body fat levels. We can create sports nutrition strategie to optimise your training and performance over a spectrum of different sports and currently help Olympic athletes with their nutrition too.


Do I need a gym membership?

Simply, No. With online nutrition coaching, you'll be able to train to your own schedule and ability, with whatever fitness equipment you have. If you don't have any then we will create a home-based bodyweight training plan for you. As you progress, you might consider investing in some fitness equipment or perhaps decided to join a gym. Either way, we will change your fitness plan to best help you progress with your training.


I'm struggling for time, can I just have a meal plan?

Yes, of course! We are happy to provide individual coaching elements to compliment your existing knowledge. Some people know what they are doing with there training but struggle to understand their macronutrients. Others are on top of their nutrition but need a helping hand with their personal training. You can select the plan that is best for you > here <


I've signed up for a Prep Kit meal pack, how will I recieve my meals each week?

Your meals are all prepared fresh for the week and vaccum sealed to ensure optimum freshness. Each meal is chilled immediately after preparation and will last for up to 10 days in the vacuum seal if kept chilled. We deliver a full week of meals per delivery, in an insulated box to keep your meals cold for up to 24hrs.


Can you tell me what you do differently to other meal prep companies out there?

The main difference is the bespoke personalised service we offer...most meal prep companies are not necessarily trained nutrition coaches or consult with a nutritionist when selling you a meal plan or meal prep.


Our level 4 nutrition coach at Prep Kit is always on hand to provide you with evidence based nutritional guidance and approve all the meals we prepare for you,  When you sign up to a personal nutriton plan or Prep Kit meal plan, our nutritionist will check in with you each week on your progress, make any adjustments to you calories and macronutrients, and provide ongoing advice and support, tailored to your specific dietary requirements... all for the same (or less) than other leading meal prep companies.


What about the food you use? Is it fresh or do you use any processed foods?

We only use the freshest ingredients, predominantly whole foods, with the exeception of cheeses / dairy, prepared to your specific requirements, as close to your delivery date as possible. If you have any food allergies or intolerances, or simply dislike any ingrendients, we can remove these for you. However, our kitchen prepared a wide variety of ingredients on a daily basis and cannot 100% guarantee the elimination of any potential food allergen. 


Does Prep Kit offer any discounts on meal prep prices?

Comparing our individual meal prices to other meal prep delivery services, we are already pretty competitve. Our Prep Kit meal packs offer more value for money. giving you the flexibility to pay through a weekly or monthly subscription. We also offer a discount on our Prep Kit meal packs, when you sign up to a nutrition plan. 


How soon can you prepare and deliver my Prep Kit meals?

When you purchase individual Prep Kit meals or sign up to a regular meal prep delivery, we offer a next working day delivery service though DPD on all orders. Because we cook and chill each Prep Kit meal to your specific requirements, a 48hr lead time is needed, allowing our nutrition team enough time to analyse your nutritional requirments and prepare you meals with care, before handing them over to DPD who will deliver your meals to your door


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