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Calculate your daily energy requirements

We know everyone's body is different.

To get the most out of your training, nutrition, performance, recovery and body composition goals, its good to know how many calories your body needs each day.

Use our quick calorie calculator to work out your total daily energy expenditure.


This will give you an idea of how many calories you need daily to lose weight, build muscle and balance your diet.

For personalised macronutrients, complete our online questionnaire to calculate your recommended daily protein, carbohydrate and fat intake specific to your diet and fitness goals.​

Our nutrition coach is always on hand to offer you guidelines for how much you should consume to get optimum results from your nutrition.​


The suggested macronutrients are a guide based on an active person aiming for roughly 25% fat intake, variable protein (anywhere from 1.5g to 2.4g per kilo of bodyweight, based on goal/physique) with the remainder of calories from carbs.

Total calories are the key factor in fat loss, muscle gain or weight maintenance, so as long as calories are maintained feel free to manipulate your macronutrient intake to your preference, ensuring that you are obtaining enough protein intake for your goals.

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